Mothers understand their children. Happy Mother’s Day in Heaven to my Mom! I can just hear you making music with the Lord.

My mother could make the piano keys fly and take your thoughts heavenward

Millions of things

M – is for the millions of things she did for me. She loved me, even when I was stinky (literally).  Mom showed patience even when I was sassy (sad to say). She cooked, cleaned, disciplined, and chauffeured. Mothers understand the list is endless, but they do it anyway.  


O – is for her obstinance. She obstinately refused to ever give up on me and my brother. Even when I was rebellious.  She obstinately refused to let her faith in God waver, even during the hardest times. Mothers understand being obstinately faithful.


T – is for her gentle touches. I can remember her rubbing my belly when I had a belly ache to help me.  She’d rub my back when I was angry or sad. Touch is so important, and Jesus showed this to us. He even touched a leper. Can you imagine how long that leper went without human touch?  Yet Jesus touched him first before healing him. Mothers understand the power of touch.

Heart of love

H – is for her loving heart. Mom loved me through the good times and the hard times, through the angry and tearful times.  Mothers understand love. 

Eyes of insight

E – is for her eyes that could see right into the very heart of me and know what I needed. Even when I was lying, she could see right through me.  Mothers understand their children.


R – is for her resourcefulness, she taught me how to make do, and how to stretch a dollar as far as possible. Frequently she encouraged me to learn new skills. We can’t forget her introduction to the wonders of duck tape and what it could fix. She taught me to live within my means.  Since God was the one who gave me my intelligence and abilities to make money, she reminded me I best be giving back to Him.  Mothers understand resourcefulness.

So, as Mother’s Day fast approaches, if your Mother is still with you, bless her, thank her, and love her for all she did for you.

We last celebrated Mother’s Day with my Mom in 2019. She was surrounded by cards, flowers, artwork, and her family’s love.


  1. Such a beautiful tribute to your Mom and Mom’s in general. You are a wonderful mother, sis. Thank you for sharing. Love you and appreciate you.

  2. Carolyn Sheridan

    What wonderful memories … and lessons for all of us. Thank you for sharing.

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