Abbi Cobb

Hi! I’m Abbi, a daughter of The King living in Northern MN. I’m an optimistic adventurer who loves God and people. I pursue beauty whether it be music, a sunset on the river, a mountain top view, a wonderful friendship, a well written book, the song of a loon or a lovely flower. Professionally, I am a florist, a music teacher and an AirBnB host. I love spending time with my large family. A small part of that family is my four children and a son-in-law who fill me with so much joy as I watch them serve our Savior. I also have two small grandsons who make me laugh often and love more deeply. I am learning more and more every day about what a blessing it is to know and follow Christ and be a part of His church. I am passionate about telling others about Jesus and am grateful to get to do that through Children’s and Women’s ministry, being involved in my community, and through writing. You are welcome to find out more about me at my personal blog